Monkey see and monkey do

My wife drives me crazy some days.  She is constantly on the phone, computer, or shopping.  We have many arguments about these things and I never consider, and neither did she, how much the “little eyes and ears” in our home were paying attention to everything that was going on.  Our eight year old daughter has really started to have quite the attitude lately and it is starting to get to me. She is staring at her phone all the time and even tries to use it at the dinner table. I took her phone from her for a week and I thought she was going to hate me for life. She even yelled at me that I was ruining her life and trying to control her.  Worst thing was, I had heard the same words come out of my wife’s mouth during our recent argument. Kids model what they see more than most adults know. My wife told me the other day that our four year old was climbing on a chair and playing with the thermostat on the wall. When she asked him what he was doing and where he had learned to play with it, he just said that he saw me doing it all the time.  Busted! I am guilty of adjusted the thermostat often and I know that it is costing us money as far as the utility bills go. I guess I am guilty of bad habits just like my wife is and we both need to make some changes. If we don’t, we will have bigger issues to deal with as the kids get older.