I don’t love to wait that long

Don’t you hate it when you call for some kind of service & they do not show up within the busy time frame? I recognize I do! This happened on our last Heating & A/C service appointment from our local heating & air conditioner business, usually these people were typically either on time or sometimes a little early.

Which depending on the time scheduled, being early can sometimes be a fantastic thing! Better early than late is how I see it in our book! But this last heating & air conditioner service appointment was beyond the term late! They ended up not showing up at all! I had to have the whole appointment of the tune up of our central heating & rescheduled to the legitimately next afternoon & do it all again with the super long time window… They ended up calling myself and others a half hour after the time window ended telling myself and others they were sorry about not showing up but they got tied up on another heating & air conditioner repair appointment that was before mine.

While this is understandable, that is still no excuse! They could have called earlier if they did not have a back up plan, or, they could have just dispatched their emergency heating & air conditioner repair service people free of charge since i blew our whole entire afternoon waiting on them! When they wanted to reschedule, I told them no & that I was taking our business elsewhere. That was not a legitimately professional transfer on their part, & it cost them an otherwise loyal customer!


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