Working on my indoor space

My friend works at one branch of a popular chain of stores in our city. Springtime seems to be coming in earlier this year, so the shoppers are out en masse to pick up goodies for the Spring. Gardening tools, pastel clothes and lawn equipment were the hot commodities at my friends shop. Despite the booming business brought in by the season, my friend complained that shoppers were quick to make their purchase and leave the shop. Upon entry, I could tell why that was the case. See, Instead of the furnace and condenser seen with the traditional Heating and A/C system, the air quality in this store is regulated by a heat pump. Now keep in mind, heat pumps are used mainly in moderate weather conditions, and are much more energy efficient than central air units. That was the draw when my friend had his shop constructed. The heat pump functions much like a refrigerator, pushing warm air to cool spaces and working in reverse during the Summer. Better yet, heat pumps pull their air from the ground, so less air pollution is brought into the indoor space. Sadly, In the case of my friend’s store, there was some confusion with the thermostat. It seemed that the heat pump might have been out of service, too. That’s a real shame – the drawback with underground heat pumps is the extensive cost of repair. Think about it, if you have to dig up all the piping to repair it, imagine the excavation costs! Needless to say, my friend is debating using some of his higher profits from sales to pay for a conventional central air unit.

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