We enjoyed our dinner

My wife tends to drive me crazy.  I cringe when I see her on the phone or on the computer, because I am waiting to see what new purchases she has made and how much of it is going on the credit card.  We tend to have some very heated arguments over this and I have never really thought about the fact that kids were in hearing range, or that they knew what was happening.  It wasn’t until my eight year old started with her lippy attitude that she was giving me. She was always playing on the phone, and she started to play with it at the dinner table.  I took the phone, and I told her she could have it in a week or so, or until she realized that family time was not the time for the phone. She told me she hated me, and she waltzed off.  She said she was tired of being hassled over everything she did. It was right then that I realized, it wasn’t her talking, but it is what she had heard her mother say to me, so many times.  When they say that children do what their parents do, they are right. The other day, my wife called me at work. She had just found our four year old standing on a wobbly chair, and trying to change the thermostat.  She had asked why she was up there, and she said that daddy did it. I know I change the thermostat often, but I am trying to save money our heating and air conditioning, and I adjust so the HVAC isn’t running all of the time.

air conditioner tune-up