My mail order bride was too cold all the time

About three years ago I moved in with my best acquaintance Tom, after we had both gone through strenuous divorces and it seemed like a superb way to save cash.

Plus, we could console each other as live-in drinking buddies.

Then, Tom soon found another girlfriend and he was spending most of his time at her place. This left me quite lonely; My solace was to try out some online dating services. After a few weeks, I met Ramona who lived in another country! She eventually was able to come here to visit in mid-September and the two of us spent the rest of the Summer going to beaches and having romantic afternoons on those boiling hot Summer afternoons. Where Ramona came from, it was really hot all year around. However, I warned her that it could get frosty cold here and so I kept the thermostat set in the low 70’s as the temperature dropped more outside. She was typically complaining about being too cold but when the gas furnace broke down, Ramona realized she had given up her boiling hot tropical paradise and she was now living in a frosty hell. I can still hear her constant complaining in her native accent. It was really starting to get on my nerves as the gas furnace was being repaired. Just before her “90-day fiancé” visa expired, she ran off with the Heating and Air Conditioning technician who fixed my HVAC unit. I guess he promised her the warm and toasty cabin that I could not provide for her. They seem happy, but the heating bills to keep Ramona warm enough must be a real budget killer for him. For me, I’m still searching for Miss Right. This time, I’ll look in a cold-weather part of the world like Siberia or Ukraine.

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