I’m very distraught about the upcoming Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs

My wifey plus myself scheduled a bit of Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance work for next week, and the work had been scheduled for some weeks. The people I was with and I were waiting until later May or early June to get the work done, because we were going to use our tax refund. The Heating plus Air Conditioning check up and maintenance work needs to be completed plus it can’t wait any longer! Some of our air ducts are a disaster plus a lot of those pieces have to be completely replaced. The wife and I are also adding an air cleaner to the Heating plus Air Conditioning system, and we both are feeling distraught about the upcoming maintenance work due to the virus plus the spreading of germs. The people I was with and I have not had any of our friends or relatives over for visits in almost 3 weeks. Sometimes it seems really lonely, but I’m trying to keep my family safe plus healthy. My wifey plus myself cannot put off the repairs for much longer, so we decided to go ahead with the work. I talked to the owner of the HV A/C maintenance corporation who assured us that most people will be dressed in protective Gear with gloves plus masks. I’m going to keep my front door plus the garage door closed plus hopefully they won’t need to enter our home for any reason. I absolutely wish we could wait another month or 2 for getting all of the maintenance work, but it’s starting to get warmer every single morning. I want our air conditioner work completed, plus the air cleaner is going to help keep some of the germs, viruses plus bacteria out of our home.

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