Trying to install my own modern temperature control

I certainly do not want any random visitors in my house right now, plus I am trying to stay healthy plus safe from a distance.

My older sibling plus my younger sibling were certainly frustrated that I missed out on Sunday supper with Dad plus our other Dad, but I do not think they are being as careful as my family plus I. They think that the coronavirus is some conspiracy theory. They watch the FOX news network that gives them false information plus they still think the president is doing such a great job, and every Sunday it gets harder plus harder to spend an afternoon without getting into a heated argument about politics, so the coronavirus is a fantastic excuse to have every Sunday all to myself. I did have a few issues last Sunday, when my air conditioner wasn’t working, luckily, I have a close buddy that works in the Heating plus Air Conditioning field. She recommended the concern might be the temperature control. I ordered a temperature control online plus had it shipped out to my home in 2 hours. I thought buying a modern programmable temperature control would be so nice, so I ordered a single with a 7in touch screen plus Wi-Fi capabilities. I thought that it would be easy to install a temperature control on my own, but it was incredibly difficult. It took the whole morning to study the instruction, watch the videos, plus complete the job. I still didn’t understand which wires went where, plus everything looked the same. If I ever needed another temperature control in my life, I will call someone to complete that job for me. Mechanical issues plus repairs are not my cup of tea.

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