Following orders

Last month, I learned a valuable lesson about how much our children really do copy the things we do every day.  My wife and I argue a lot, and mostly it is about bills. I can’t understand half of the credit card bills that she accumulates.  When I confront her about them, it becomes a shouting match. She thinks that I am trying to control her every move, when in reality I am trying to keep a budget, that she doesn’t seem to care about.  I pay the credit card, and the heating and air conditioning bills. A couple days later, my son was sitting at the table and he was playing on his telephone. I told him to put it away until after dinner, and he ignored me.  I tool the phone and I put it in my pocket. He screamed that he hated me, and that I was so controlling that it was ruining his life. My wife paled as she looked at me. He repeated the words that she had thrown at me when I had discovered the big bill on our credit card.  A couple days later our little girl had to go to the hospital. She had built a makeshift ladder out of books and she was trying to adjust the thermostat. My wife asked her what she was trying to do and she just said that daddy plays with the thermostat, so why can’t she. As she got three stitches in her forehead, I thought about the thermostat and the phone, and I realized that our kids really do listen to everything we say.

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