Our vacation did not go as planned

My wife and I planned a nice vacation with our best friends.

The four of us were going to the islands for a full week of vacation. We booked our tropical island getaway several months in advance, so we could save money on all of the reservations. My wife and I got a jacuzzi suite with a view of the ocean. Our best friends chose an ocean view Suite as well, but it did not have a jacuzzi. Our flight to the islands went very well and we arrived about a half an hour ahead of schedule. We piled into a taxi cab and headed over to our hotel. My wife and I were in the first cab and we were the first people to eye the building. It was not as nice and luxurious as the brochure explained. In fact, the place looked run down. The whole building needed a fresh coat of paint and the parking lot could have used some work as well. The worst part about the room was the lack of AC. We had a small wall AC unit, but it did not work very well. We had a bit of cool air at night, but the heat and humidity we’re awful during the day. Even when we ran the AC unit all day and all night, the daytime temperatures in our rooms were still warm and humid. My wife and I tried to get a different room, but all of the jacuzzi suites were fully booked. When we weighed the jacuzzi against the AC, both of us agreed that we would rather have a jetted tub.

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