I need my independence

It sometimes takes a little child to lead them, and that includes the parents.  My mom always said that children only do and say what they have seen and heard. Last month that became crystal clear to my wife and I.  We argue a lot about the bills and overspending. I try to tell her about her overspending, and we get a bit loud when we talk about the credit cards.  She told me that I was too demanding, and I was taking away her independence. It wasn’t until my twelve year old daughter repeated those words at the dinner table.  She refused to put her phone away while we were having dinner, and I took it from her and banned her from it for a week. Along with the ‘I hate you’, she threw in how I was taking away her independence and she stalked off.  My wife looked shocked to hear those words, and I was beside myself. Then our little one fell off a stool when she was trying to adjust the thermostat to the air conditioning. She told her mom that it was wasting too much ‘en’gy’ and she had to help daddy keep the AC lower, so she was going to play with the thermostat like he did.  After taking her to the hospital and getting three stitches in her lip and four in her eyebrow, we knew that our fighting had to stop. We had to figure out the bills without raising our voices and work together to get the heating and air conditioning bills under control.

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