Paying off an air conditioner I didn’t need

I’m one of those people who plans in advance.

As soon as something is mentioned, I want to get started and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

This works well in most situations. It helped me out during school and handling the demands of my job. But there are times when my prompt action leads to problems. Most recently, my family was talking about hosting a big reunion for the first time in many years. The event had been in the works for over a year, but no one had offered to host the celebration at their home. I stepped up and said I would handle the planning and hold the reunion at my home. As soon as I took on the responsibility, I immediately switched into organization mode. I made lists of what I would need to host a successful event for my family. I realized that there would be an added strain on my air conditioner with so many people in the house. The reunion was scheduled for the middle of summer. I wanted to make sure the cooling system would be in tip top shape and not suddenly malfunction during the party. I hired an HVAC contractor to service the air conditioner. He informed me that the air conditioner was not worth saving. The age of the air conditioner made it less than reliable or energy efficient. I ended up investing in a whole new cooling system for the sake of the party. Now the reunion is canceled because of the threat of spreading the virus. I’m stuck paying off a brand new air conditioner that I probably didn’t really need.



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