Completing HVAC certification but unable to find a job

During high school, my parents didn’t let me work.

They said I should focus my attention on my studies & there would be plenty of time later to get a job.

I was fortunate they provided for me, but I was at a disadvantage after I graduated from school with no plan what to do. I had no work experience & nobody wanted to take a chance on me. A friend of mine said he could get me hired at his HVAC company if I complete trade school & earned my HVAC certification and license. He was very happy with his job & insisted it was a great way to earn a living. My friend told me about heating & cooling system installation, maintenance and repairs. He talked about, providing emergency service for overwhelmed clients, & installing state-of-the- art HVAC cooling and heating systems. He said that working in the HVAC industry provided a decent paycheck and guaranteed consistent work. I completed the traide school. I finished my two-year certification program & was looking forward to working in the heating & air conditioning field. I was excited for the future & could not wait to get started. The Coronavirus pandemic hit right as I graduated. My friend’s HVAC company was no longer hiring new people. I now have my Heating & Air Conditioning license and no job lined up. None of the HVAC companies in the area are hiring, & I’m still stuck with no way to earn a living. I am hoping the situation changes soon as I am extremely anxious to begin my career and get some experience in the field.


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