Annoyed by our sibling’s constant singing & violin playing

I’m glad that our parents allowed our sibling & I to have window air conditioner units in our rooms, then this is because both of us never can agree on the temperature control settings & this way both of us can have comfort in our rooms by decreasing our own temperature controls, but periodically our sibling undoubtedly drives myself and others nuts though, however he will crank up the air conditioner in his room & then he will sing at the top of his lungs.

  • This makes it hard for myself and others to concentrate on whatever I happen to be doing.

She plays the violin as well & that can be rather loud & obnoxious. When I have our friends over, both of us usually just laugh when he goes to crank up his air conditioner & starts singing, one of our friends tells everybody to shut up though because he honestly enjoys listening to her; It’s kind of awkward because he always compliments his singing whenever he sees his & he blushes & smiles. Of course, both of us always make fun of him for talking to his love that, & I always tell him to stop doing that. I don’t undoubtedly assume comfortable about our neighbor trying to make a move on our sibling, no matter how much he gets on our nerves. I think he sings on purpose whenever our friends are over though just so he can occasion up some more compliments from our friend. I always guess as soon as I hear his cranking up that window air conditioner unit, that she’s about to get going with some new song that he has l gained. I tell our parents to please make his stop, however they appreciate his singing as well.


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