Listening to their arguments

My wife has a wicked temper and when she gets mad, she will say almost anything.  I was upset over the amount of energy we used over the last couple of months. Since she had been home, our energy bills had almost doubled.  I was following her around and resetting the thermostat so the air conditioning wasn’t running all of the time. I didn’t think it was necessary to have the air conditioning set at sixty-eight all of the time.  We had regular maintenance done on it and it worked fine. She finally told me that I was nagging her and that I was trying to control her every move. I really wasn’t but I didn’t think anything about it. The other night we sat at the dinner table.  My daughter had her phone up to her ear when she sat down, and she didn’t take it away. I took the phone off her, turned it off, and put it in my pocket. She was livid and she yelled at me to quit trying to run her life. I wasn’t going to control her like I did her mom.  I was upset, but I realized that she had been listening to our arguments. My wife apologized later, but that wasn’t where it ended. Our youngest ended up with a nasty bruise because he was climbing on the end of the couch, while trying to reach the thermostat. He wanted to help save money so he was going to play with the thermostat just like daddy did.  We only argue after the kids are in bed, now.

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