Looking into replacing my old furnace

My furnace is close to twenty years old and although it’s still operational, the performance is beginning to diminish. When the heating system was brand new, it achieved an 89% AFUE rating. Despite annual maintenance, the equipment has gradually lost efficiency. My energy bills are higher every month. The furnace is no longer putting out as much heat and needs to run for longer cycles and consume more energy to maintain comfort. On especially cold nights, it has trouble keeping up with demand and certain rooms always feel a bit chilly. Although the furnace has proven quite reliable, I’m worried it’s going to suddenly quit and be too expensive to repair. I’d rather not face a replacement project in the middle of a January blizzard. I’d prefer to schedule the project at a convenient time during mild weather. This gives me the opportunity to research different makes and models and make an educated decision. With such a large investment, I want to be completely satisfied with my choice. As I’ve looked into the various furnaces on the current market, I’ve figured out that the higher end models are all rather similar. Modern furnaces now reach 98% AFUE ratings through adaptable-speed technology. The system is able to adjust capacity in tiny increments anywhere between 40 and 100%. By providing only the exact amount of heat necessary at any given time, the furnace runs longer at lower speeds and uses less energy. While the better heating systems cost a lot more to purchase, I am convinced the savings on my monthly bills will make the investment worthwhile.