Ductless mini heater for workout space

I am looking at a apartment in the country right now.

  • There is an outdoor laundry space that I am going to convert into a workout room, however inside of the apartment there is a storage room that could definitely hold a stackable washer and dryer, then having the laundry room indoors will be so much easier and more convenient.

Then, the outdoor laundry room will be totally free. The space has high ceilings and is quite long. I for sure can location more than one folding mats down in the shed and leave them there. I could install a few hooks to hold my rope rump, wobble board, hand weights and medicine balls. I also would want to find a way to hook up a sound program in the room so my music can play loudly and be hands free. The last step is that I will need a way to have heating and cooling in the space. I live down south, so the cold isn’t too bad. There are still cold afternoons and weeks of the year. Ideally I would love to use my work out space all year. I need to put some form of heating in there. In the south it gets sweltering too. The heat starts as early as 6AM occasionally. I also will need to install a cooling system. Due to needing both heating and air, I am thinking of installing a ductless mini cut for my work out room. I don’t suppose it will be too much cash, the indoor air handler will be on the wall and out of the way. I also will get both functions in a single unit.


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