He is bad about heating

My parents just got divorced and I recieved my father in the separation, but when they first cut I was severe on my mother. I thought she was throwing in the towel early. I did not listen to the reasons why she could no longer handle my dad… Now that he is living with myself and others full time, I get where he could wear on a person, and my father is harshly demanding. He wants meat and potatoes for every supper and can’t make it himself. He does not disinfect up after himself, do laundry or offer to help out around the house. He also is freaky with temperature control. He constantly wants the heating program on, even in the summer. I have tried hiding my wireless temperature control remote and my dad constantly finds it. I have begged him not to turn on my gas furnace or to turn it off before I get home. I am constantly coming into a sweltering house. My utility bills are so high! I am now looking into adding Heating and Air Conditioning zone control to my house. If I can get his room on a separate Heating and Air Conditioning program, maybe all will be okay. My dad could have his own temperature control and have as much heating as he wants in the space. I am wondering if that will be adequate, but knowing my dad, the living room, living room and bathroom all will be heated as well! Even splurging for many indoor air handlers and temperature controls, it might still be the same problem. He is super insufficient. I don’t know how much longer I can take him.

Electric heating