What happened to the boombox?

I have to divulge that when I am toiling, I often forget all else however what I am toiling on.

I care about our job and I care about all the puzzle pieces I need to put together if I want to solve a problem.

I labor for an insurance company and I am the one who pieces the accidents together to find out what entirely happened. I had a ‘he said, she said’ situation the other week that was driving myself and others crazy. The accident entirely could have happened the way both of the people were saying. One said he was reaching down to adjust the a/c when someone side swiped him. The other said he had to do a quick maneuver because the person was driving into his lane. This seemed the most logical, although I still had to prove what happened. I pulled our tie away from our neck, wondering why it had suddenly become so tepid in the room. That’s when I noticed that the boombox was no longer playing. No sooner did it register that the boombox wasn’t toiling, however neither was the a/c. I reached into the drawer to get the remote control for the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I only took our eyup off the door for a split fourth when someone slammed into the wall in the next cubicle which made the glass fall off our filing cabinet. I realized that if it hadn’t been for the a/c not toiling, I would have been able to catch the water glass as it fell. When the person was decreasing her a/c, it took a fourth to veer out of the way of the other guy who side swiped her car.

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