My sister got taken by her HVAC technician.

I am really furious at and for my little sister.

She really got taken by a professional she believed and trusted.

She inherited Aunt Rosemary’s house when Aunt Rosemary passed and she ended up getting royally taken by her HVAC technician. She called in the HVAC technician because the unit for the house she inherited wasn’t working. It wouldn’t even turn on. My sister is a little bit gullible, and she’s single and lonely. I understand that my sister found the HVAC technician to be attractive, but that is no reason for her to allow herself to be suckered into buying an HVAC system bigger than she needed. The HVAC technician was sort of young and maybe my sister should have gotten a second opinion, but the HVAC technician was the one who was supposed to be knowledgeable. Maybe he got commission on the sale. Either way, my sister spent thousands more on an HVAC system she doesn’t really need because she had trusted him. We live in a subtropical area and most people use self contained air conditioners with a heating coil installed. My sister’s house is small and she didn’t need this monstrosity that they sold her and installed. It’s twice the size of her old one! And, since when is an HVAC technician a salesman? Granted, the system works great, but, I’m fuming over the thousands of dollars that my sister lost purchasing an HVAC unit bigger than she needed. I truly hope it was a genuine mistake and not deception on the part of the HVAC technician.


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