Fans, cool showers and open windows do not replace air conditioning system

I live in a hot and humid environment down South. In the summer, if I walk outside from our current home to our car I immediately get drenched in sweat. Air conditioning saves our life in the summer! I genuinely don’t think what I’d do separate from our air conditioning system. I have central air in our apartment and at our job thankfully. On a single scorching hot morning, I went to work and thanked the air conditioning system gods for cooling me down before our underarms made visible puddles in our white shirt. When it was time to go home, it cooled down a bit but it was still uncomfortably hot. I was drenched in sweat walking from our office to our car, and then from our car to our apartment. I was waiting to believe the cool breeze of air conditioning system when I walked in our apartment, but instead was greeted with indoor air conditions that was awful! My apartment felt so hot that you would think I accidentally put the heat on before work. It was late, but I called the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation anyway. They were closed, so I left a voictext hoping that an Heating and Air Conditioning worker could come first thing in the morning to help me. I searched the internet for solutions on what to do. The internet said, use fans, open windows and take a cool shower. I did all of those things but I was still covered in sweat. I showered off sweat to be greeted with more sweat in our unairconditioned apartment. There is nothing that can replace the cooling, dehumidifying properties of central air conditioning system.



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