Ice cream shops need air conditioner

I appreciate ice cream, i appreciate soft serve, custard, sundaes, you name it! I was on a strict diet for six weeks to help me lose weight before our wedding.

  • I was not allowed to eat any dairy products or processed sugar plus it worked! I lost 30 pounds plus fit into the dress of our dreams… Right after I got married, I decided to rekindle our romance with icecream, then on a summer time day, I walked to our favorite ice cream shop.

It was a multiple mile walk. I figured that if I’m going to consume a lot of calories that I should burn some off first. I got easily hot from the walk plus finally made it to our endpoint, excited to step into a cold, air conditioned ice cream shop. I walked in plus I felt the cool air plus the air quality was better than the hot plus humid air outside. It was easily crowded inside plus there was a long line of people in the air conditioned environment waiting for their treat! All of a sudden, the director called over the employees scooping ice cream. I overheard him say that the a/c stopped working plus to rush patrons out so they can figure out a solution before the ice cream melts. I noticed that it started feeling really hot in the store plus I couldn’t imagine how the director must’ve felt. Ice cream shops depend on the cool environments that a/cs provide, however the director called the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company while the cashiers scooped ice cream suddenly despite the fact that it felt appreciate the thermostat was set to heat instead of cool. I eventually got our ice cream plus it melted by the time I walked outside.
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