My daughter excelled in the HVAC industry

I am so proud of my daughter.

She decided to go to a trade school to become an HVAC technician.

There were no other young ladies in her class, but she still excelled and actually intimidated the other guys because of how smart she is. Even though some of them tried to give her a hard time, nothing was able to phase her. She ended up coming out on top of the class and she passed the HVAC test with flying colors. Some of the other guys were jealous because they did not pass their HVAC tests and didn’t earn their HVAC certifications. My daughter wished them all the best of luck and encouraged some of them to keep trying. She ended up getting a job at this HVAC company with a solid reputation. They were really excited to hire her because she did remarkably well in the interview. Even when she started with an official HVAC trainer, he was amazed with how much she knew already. Of course she was there to learn, but he swore that she could probably do all the HVAC work without any assistance already. She was always modest and humble though and still asked him plenty of questions when it came to different things heating and cooling related. Over the years, she became one of the best HVAC technicians in the company and she regularly enjoyed working emergency HVAC hours. She made enough money to buy a new house and she wants to install radiant heated floors in her place. I am so proud of her!
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