I miss the air quality in the gym

I can handle the quarantine, more or less, but not being able to go to the gym is entirely getting to me.

  • The first few weeks were okay, but at this point I can assume our body starting to turn on me.

I’m getting soft, & no matter how much exercise I do here around the apartment it just isn’t the same. I used the weight room several times a week, switching up between that & cardio, & punctuated with the occasional yoga class & stop by the steam room. Working out at new home just can’t compare, & when I do exercise here it makes me realize how terrible our new home Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan is, but at the gym I just never thought about it, because the weather conditions control plan was so responsive I never had to! Every one of us entirely only believe about things adore the air quality or the temperature when it is inadequate, when everything is A-OK both of us don’t ever believe about it. I had room in our garage for a weight bench, & a mat on the floor for exercise, but the air quality was the worst in the entire house. Inside the air quality was better, & the A/C was a lot cooler, however I simply didn’t have enough room to transfer as much as I needed. You can forget about me going outside to exercise, it’s terrible enough in the garage without AC, but that still has total shade. I’m thinking about getting a small A/C component just for the garage, but maybe I should just get an media air purification system & see how that works.


AC filter