Who wouldn’t want a new air conditioner

Honestly, I couldn’t believe that they refused my offer of an air conditioner.

I recently purchased a window air conditioner for my house.

I already had one window air conditioner for my house, but since that air conditioner was in the living room, I wanted a window air conditioner for my bedroom. I have trouble sleeping if the temperature is too warm, and with the window air conditioner in the bedroom, I figured that I wouldn’t have any more trouble sleeping at night. However, I bought the air conditioner without telling my wife. If I would have told my wife that I was planning to buy another window air conditioner, she would have told me to not buy the windows air conditioner. I had no idea that she was planning to have a central air conditioner installed in our house for my birthday. I have always wanted to have a central air conditioner, but I didn’t think that we would ever be able to afford a central air conditioner. When the central air conditioner was installed, I realized that I didn’t need my window air conditioners anymore. The air conditioner in the living room was very old, so I decided to throw that one away. However, the air conditioner in the bedroom was brand new, so I decided to try to give it to one of my friends that I knew couldn’t afford a window air conditioner. I thought that he would be grateful, but he was so embarrassed to receive a handout that he refused to take the air conditioner. In fact, he seemed offended that I would even offer to give him the air conditioner. I am so confused.

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