I found an a/c at a yard sale

I don’t feel that our personal finances have ever been as tight as they are now, however i had to transport out of our parent’s current home because of how hard it was to live there.

I planned to live there until I finished school plus was able to start our own life, however our parents started stealing the money that was supposed to be used for school, plus I realized that I would never be able to succeed if I lived with our family.

I decided to transport away plus live on our own, plus it made things entirely tight. I was okay with that, however there was a single thing that I was entirely upset about, my current apartment didn’t have a central a/c. In our ancient house, every one of us consistently had a central a/c, so I didn’t suppose how to cope without an a/c, however, there was no way that I was going to be able to afford to get a central a/c, plus since it wasn’t even our apartment, I knew that our property owner wouldn’t reimburse myself and others for the cost of installing a central a/c. However, I knew that even a window a/c would be too much for our small budget. I was barely paying for all of our bills plus needs, plus there was no way that I was going to be able to afford a window a/c as well. However, while I was at a garage sale, I found someone that was selling their window a/c for $25, but even though I didn’t often have $25 to spare, I figured that I could save on groceries that month so that I could have an a/c. I couldn’t pass up a deal such as that for an a/c for our apartment… That would have been entirely foolish.


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