It’s important to me to get regular HVAC system cleaning

Both of us consistently make sure to have our local heating as well as A/C contractors come out to our lake house and wash out our air vents and our HVAC ducts at least once a year.

However both of us all have asthma and respiratory problems, and I consistently know for sure that our indoor air quality levels are improved once the heating as well as A/C contractor is finished cleaning our air vents and our air duct.

Even though there has been some evidence that HVAC duct cleaning doesn’t exactly improve your indoor air pollen levels the way that you might recognize it would, you should still consider getting your air duct professionally cleaned if you have problems as bad as mold or mildew growth on the sheet metal inside your ventilation system. And also the heating as well as A/C professionals also recommend cleaning your air duct if there’s an insect or rodent infestation in your home, or if your air vents are dirty because of a construction or renovation project. This was the case at our lake house last year. Both of us were redoing our kitchen and both of us totally neglected to seal off our air registers, so there was all kinds of dust and debris down inside our ventilation ducts; then we also had our ventilation plan diagnosed for mold last year when there was a odd musty aroma coming out of our heating and cooling vents. But come to find out, there was just a moisture problem in our cooling plan and it had nothing at all to do with our air duct; once both of us fixed the issue in the evaporator coils of our A/C, the must aroma went away right away. And I still recognize that it’s a fantastic idea to have our heating as well as A/C contractor wash our air vents and HVAC ducts once a year. Even if it doesn’t consistently help, it can’t really hurt.


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