I have a side business involving ventilation

A fantastic business finds a need in the community, and then it goes and fills that need at a fantastic price! When you cut business down to its most simple terms, that’s all it is — find a need, as well as fill a need. I used to overthink things too much, however now I have reached a fantastic place in life. I have the skills as well as the tools to do any number of different tasks, but I usually deal only in 1 time projects. When the work gets slow, I have a few local HVAC dealers that will throw me on the payroll for a few weeks. That’s because they know that I’m a steady hand, and my real work, which is my bread and butter, is helping the local university students hook up with the right ventilation systems so they can smoke pot inside their dorm rooms. This may seem illegal, however let me assure you that I don’t have anything to do with marijuana; all I do is work on ventilation systems which is 100% legal no matter how you slice it. Usually, I try to use the existing ductwork and the HVAC program they have in place already. In some older dorm rooms they tend to use the window mounted box type of A/C units, which I usually just have to ignore. The technology is too outdated to modify very successfully. I like it more when a dorm uses central AC. When it has a huge ventilation program that links the whole building, it makes my life easier. This campus has 40,000 students, and nearly half of them live on campus. My ventilation business will stay tied up for the foreseeable future.



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