I have a nice little ventilation business going

A nice contractor finds a need in the community, and then he then fills that need at a nice price; When you put business in its simplest form, that’s what it is: finding a need and then filling the need.

I guess I used to overthink things too much, however now I suppose I’ve reached a nice part of life.

I now have the skills plus the tools to do any number of tasks, but I usually deal only in single time projects. When my work is slow, then I have a few local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealers that will throw me some jobs and keep me on the payroll for a few weeks. They know that I’m a steady hand! My real work, my bread and butter, is helping the local school students hook up the right ventilation systems so they can smoke in their dorm rooms! This may seem illegal, however I assure you I don’t have anything to do with the marijuana, all I do is work on ventilation systems which is 100% legal no matter what. I usually work with the existing air ducts and/or the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan that they are already using. In older dorm rooms they tend to use the window mounted box type A/C units and I can’t really help in those cases. The tech is too outdated to modify successfully. I much prefer it when a dorm uses central AC. It has a big ventilation plan that connects the whole building. This campus has 50,000 students on it, and nearly all of them live on campus, so my ventilation contractor business will stay busy for the foreseeable future.

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