I have a thriving ventilation company in a college town

A company finds a need in the community, plus then fills that need at a fantastic price! When you break businesses down to the simplest terms, that’s all they are doing — finding a need, plus filling it.

I guess I used to overthink things too much, however now I assume I’ve reached a fantastic part of life.

I now have the skills plus the tools to do any number of jobs, but I specialize in one type of project. If my work gets too slow, I have a few local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealers that will throw me on their payroll for a few different jobs. They all know that I’m a steady hand. However my real work, the bread and the butter so to speak, is helping the local college students hook up their ventilation systems so that they can all smoke pot in their dorm rooms. I know this may seem illegal, however let me assure you I don’t have anything to do with the marijuana. Nope, all I do is work on ventilation systems which is 100% legal to do. I usually work with the existing ductwork or the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan they have in their location. In older dorm rooms, there are usually the window mounted box type A/C units, which I usually just have to give up on. The technology is too old to modify successfully. I like it better if a dorm uses central AC, plus it has a big ventilation plan that works for the entire building. This campus has 30,000 students, and nearly half of them live on campus. My little ventilation company will stay busy for the foreseeable future.

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