Learning the right terms

I could not think it when I failed our final test at heating and air conditioner school.

It wasn’t that I failed the actual course…I could absolutely go out tomorrow and begin working on heating and air conditioner systems.

It was the fact that I could not remember all the typical terms for particular things in the Heating and Air Conditioning business. I thought this was totally stupid and not a enjoyable reason to deny someone their Heating and Air Conditioning certification! It’s not appreciate it’s something I would not have known over time being around other heating and air conditioner specialists. So now I have to retake the entire heating and air conditioner course all over again just because of these stupid terms used in the heating and cooling industry! What it looks appreciate is that I will just have to learn up on the more than 2 odd terms of the heating and cooling industry that I did not memorize and just hope that next time I absolutely suppose them in and out. Again, this is the most stupid thing I ever heard about! It’s not appreciate knowing particular terms has anything to do with knowing the ins and outs of repairing or working on a central heating and air conditioner system. Or even doing anything with heating and cooling equipment! The rules people have in this world are legitimately silly occasionally. Whoever makes them up should get a life or something. It’s appreciate they set people up to fail at anything, no matter how enjoyable they are! I was almost tempted to fight our failing, however what can you do?

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