An end to all sickness

Everyone in our house is constantly getting sick.

I don’t suppose what it is, however it was an issue that every one of us all had to get to the bottom of.

After talking to a few people about it, they were all suggesting an air quality test from some kind of air purification expert. So that is exactly what every one of us did. All of us were surprised to find that every one of us had awful air quality and this was possibly the issue that was causing everyone to be sick every other month! So what they commanded is that every one of us invest in a few portable whole-house air purifiers of some kind. Specifically a UV whole-house air purifier. When I asked them about what exactly a UV whole-house air purifier did, they went on to explain that a UV whole-house air purifier would get rid of viruses in the air and clear the air quality of any kind of germs that may slip in, and also totally destroy bacteria, however this made perfect sense to me as viruses and germs were the main thing making everyone sick blatantly! You can bet that I ended up going out the really next morning with our credit card and buying 2 portable whole-house air purifiers. One of them was a UV whole-house air purifier and the other was a basic portable whole-house air purifier. Within about 2 weeks or so of pumping these things throughout our condo I could already tell a huge difference in the air quality. And now, every one of us are about 3 months into this whole air purification method in our home! All is great!


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