The veggies were bad

When I went to the store the other day I was quite anxious to find that literally all of the veggies they had there were bad! I should not have been surprised, however it was still a major let down.

The reason I should not have been surprised was because the air conditioning in the store that usually keeps the veggies fresh was out plus had been for about a week.

I am surprised that no one had rushed to get their central heating plus a/c fixed! When I asked someone in the store about it, they said that because it was a commercial heating plus a/c, they needed a special category of Heating plus A/C worker. And also, when they had the heating, ventilation plus A/C corporation there looking at it, they said that it was totally broken. So they have a brand new plus more modern commercial heating plus a/c on back order that should be ready plus available within a week. But in the meantime, their stock of veggies had to suffer plus they were taking a small profit loss. They told me to come back in a little over a week plus they should have some top quality veggies that were fresh plus nice as they normally are. I felt bad for the store because they have been great for so several years plus never had one single issue like this in all the time that I have been going here, which has been a little over 25 years.

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