I found something weird in my air conditioning ducts

I always clean my air conditioning ducts out before the weather starts heating up in the summer.

I feel like it’s always a good way to start off the summer and the air conditioning season.

It’s the same thing in the winter for me, I always have the ductwork professionally cleaned again at the end of the summer before we start using the furnace system for the winter. Some people will say that this is overkill when it comes to cleaning your ductwork, but I personally feel like it’s the best way to take care of my heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. I’ve never had any major problems with either my oil furnace or my central air conditioning unit. I really feel like I owe that fact to having regular maintenance and ductwork cleaning done twice a year. I know a lot of different people who have issues with their furnace and A/C all the time, and when I asked if they had ever had their vents and ductwork professionally cleaned out, the answer was no. I definitely think that professional maintenance and cleaning is the common denominator here. This year, when the HVAC technician cleaned out my air ducts, he found a box in one of the upstairs heating vents. It was full of cash! My husband later confessed to stashing his extra money in the box to keep it away from me and the kids. I showed him, though. I used the money that I found in the box to pay the HVAC technician for the ductwork cleaning!