When I went to turn the A/C on for the season, there was a problem

When I went to my thermostat to turn it from heating to cooling last week, there was an issue. I always try to wait until the last possible minute to turn on my air conditioning system. That’s because while I love my A/C, I really hate paying my A/C bills during the summer time! And for some reason, the A/C doesn’t like staying in my house very much. It seems like it runs and runs all the time and the house cools off but it just won’t stay that way. I don’t know what the issue is with it, because I’m just not very handy with things like that. I don’t really know the first thing about heating and cooling systems, but I do know that it’s too hot in here when the A/C isn’t cooling correctly. I really hate being overly hot in the summertime, and a well working air conditioning is very important to my overall well being, I think. I have noticed that whenever I don’t have air conditioning available, I end up with a terrible headache and my joints start bothering me, too. Well, I knew that I was going to have to get the air conditioner fixed, so I went ahead and called my local heating and cooling company to have them come and check it out. I told the lady at the office that I wanted them to fix my A/C, but I also wanted them to check out the ventilation system to see if there were cracks or holes in it somewhere. That would explain the reason that the A/C doesn’t want to keep my house as cool as it should.


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