Inside the whole space

My husband and I constantly plan go out to our favorite diner for our birthdays each year.  All of us have been going there for many years together and look forward to the good food, the atmosphere of the location which is so cozy, and the comfortable feeling all of us get from being in the diner together like the old days.  Well this past birthday it all did not task out as planned. All of us made our usual reservation and arrived at the tied up time as instructed, but as soon as all of us entered the diner all of us knew something was feeling very wrong, and the diner had a number of box fans set up and running in the bar area and also in the dining area and it was very steamy and moderate inside the whole space.  All of us asked the hostess at that time about the heat and he apologized saying that unfortunately their air conditioner component had failed but the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service people had been called. They were on their way and it was sure to be repaired momentary. My husband and I truly did not want to miss celebrating our birthday and had always loved this locale so all of us decided to stick it out and hope for the best case scenario.  All of us heard many people grumbling about the heat at a nearby banquet table. All of us decided to order a frozen drink to help cool us down, and luckily not long after all of us arrived, I observed a whole shining Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service van fleet pull up out front of the diner. Two groups of service men entered and were shown to the back of the diner, and almost immediately, cool air could be felt flowing from the overhead air vents. The whole locale started to cool down.  The service men had done their expert jobs and fixed the air conditioning system and most substantially went on and saved our birthday celebration.

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