I’m so cheerful that there is a/c everywhere these days

Back when I was a kid, there wasn’t a/c in actually multiple sites. I mean, a lot of wealthier people had a/c in their homes back then, but people who were more middle class, appreciate my family, didn’t have a/c too often! All of us didn’t have central a/c installed in the beach house that I lived in with my mom and dad until I was almost a teenager, and before that, every one of us had to rely on what my dad called nature’s a/c. He just meant that every one of us had to put fans in the windows and let the cool evening air come through the house. This worked pretty well for us at evening, but it didn’t do a thing for us in the daytime when the temperature was extra boiling outside. Anyway, most of the sites that every one of us made the decision to go in town had air conditioning system that they kept turned on while I was in the summertime. I remember going into the bank, the post office, and the grocery store with my mom when I was a kid and they all had a/c. I consistently wished that every one of us had it at home too, but it was more fancy back then to get central air conditioning system installed. I’m actually cheerful that these days, almost almost everyone is able to have a/c in their home. It’s especially great news for me, since I’m boiling pretty much all the time these days! I know that one of my medications is what’s doing it, but either way, I appreciate to find air conditioning system wherever I happen to go!

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