I’m not living off the grid, I just don’t like paying for electricity

I know a lot of people in my area who have done their best to shut out society.

  • To be honest, the quiet and solitude of this area is part of what drew me here, but some of my neighbors are a little bit extreme.

I haven’t even seen most of them, and lived here two years. I myself am just a big fan of peace and quiet, I have no desire to leave society behind. I like people, I like buying stuff, but I also like having autonomy and not having to rely on a bunch of other people. For me, the geothermal heat pump was worth every penny I paid for it, for reasons beyond money. First of all, there is a special, very intense, service charge to get hooked up to the electrical grid out here, so if you like having an electrically powered heating and cooling system you need a gas powered generator. Overall, it costs a lot more to run the genny than it does to pay for electricity, but if you have a geothermal heating pump on your property it no longer matters. After the initial and very substantial investment, your days of paying for AC, hot water, and lights are behind you forever! The heating pump pulls energy right from the planet itself, and stores it in fuel cells for instant use, or later use. When I first got the geothermal heat pump I got several extra months worth of power cells, so even in the face of the pump breaking I am set for a long time.

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