My dad would not approve of this air conditioner setup

My dad got me into music, but I got myself into the Beatles.

The old man had a record player in his den, and I used to sneak out of bed late at night and sit in the hallway outside his door, listening to music.

He was mostly into southern rock and country and western music, and at first I was too. Later on, that love of music grew when I discovered the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. I started collecting all my favorites on vinyl, even though it was hard to find these days, because of those memories. If Dad knew I had a climate controlled storage room for his old records, he would whip me. He grew up without an air conditioner, so the fact that I have a dedicated HVAC system just for the records and nothing else, he would be outraged.You have to keep in mind, this was a man who grew up without air conditioning, in a cabin out in the woods with his crazy mother. When he was out on his own, he still didn’t have an air conditioner, just because it was normal for him not to have one. That changed in time, of course, because he had a family and the time had come where denying your family an HVAC system when you could afford one made you look like a jerk. In any event, he never did like running the AC, so if he knew I had one just for my music collection he would be so disappointed.

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