Setting up the ventilation system for the dispensary

My town finally got its first cannabis dispensary last year. Even though the laws had changed, this is an older, more traditional type of small town. A lot of old people, and younger people who had never left town in their lives, so it was more controversial than it should have been. I was all for it, of course, and not just because they wanted me to work on the construction. I was not averse to a little bit of the “Mary Jane” from time to time, but for me it really was more about work, because the dispensary needed a very specific ventilation system. There are legal reasons for this, mostly, because they don’t need ventilation to clear out a bunch of pot smoke from their store. This is a legit business, they sell medical marijuana but it won’t be smoked on the ground, nonetheless state and local authorities have specific requirements for their ventilation and air quality systems. I have been to the shop and looked over the specs, and honestly it is not a very tricky HVAC system to set up for them. Perhaps there is a little more to it than, say, a bookstore, but it is no more complex that the ventilation at your normal restaurant. I should be able to improve upon what they want, and still come in for under budget, so hopefully it leads to more HVAC contracts. I work fast, I work clean, I work cheap, and no one in town can put together a web of air ducts like I can!

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