Trying to promote a chain of HVAC shops

I think I was telling you about my Uncle Dean in my last post. Dean used to be a studio and tour musician for a whole host of southern rockers. He never recorded an album of his own, but he played 6 string guitar on a lot of other people’s albums. He never headlines a tour, never appeared on a marquee, but he was onstage playing his heart out for 300 nights a year. After he settled down, he taught me to play the guitar (a little, I kind of sucked at it) and he got me a job at the HVAC repair shop he owned a piece of. About ten years ago, give or take, Dean sunk some money into a local HVAC repair tech who was trying to set up shop. Since then, that guy has done very well for himself, and expanded that initial investment into a string of HVAC shops around the state. Uncle Dean didn’t want his money paid back, he was a co-owner, even though he didn’t know anything about HVAC systems. Since he was the co-owner he didn’t really have to do anything, but he hated being bored so he started driving around to all the different HVAC shops. That lasted two days, then he put me on the HVAC payroll as his official driver, and we spent two weeks visiting every store he had. He might not have known an air conditioner from a hole in the wall, but Dean knew how to sell an idea, and by the end of the trip he had come up with a great idea for a promotion.

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