Asking the server

My fiance plus I do our best to stay loyal. That’s why we always go out to our number one restaurant for our birthdays and other big family events.  We have been going there for several years at this point in time, 25 years into our relationship, plus look forward to the great food, the atmosphere of the location, the company around us, plus the comfortable feeling all of us get from being in the restaurant for even a moment.  Well this past birthday it all did not job out as planned, exactly. We made our reservation as always plus arrived right at the busy time but as soon as all of us entered the restaurant all of us knew in one second that something was wrong, however the restaurant had a number of large and loud box fans running in the bar section plus also in the dining section, and besides that, it was undoubtedly sizzling inside the whole space.  We carefully asked the server about the heat plus she apologized saying that their air conditioner system had failed but the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C service people were notified and already out on their way plus it was sure to be repaired momentary after the techs arrived. My fiance plus I did not want to miss celebrating our birthday plus since we had loved this location for several years of course all of us decided to stick it out plus hope for the best.   Not long after all of us arrived, I happily observed a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C service van pull up rapidly out front of the restaurant. Two service guys entered the establishment plus were shown to the back of the restaurant! One even came out into the family room plus fiddled with the visible control unit on the wall. Just as all of us were being served our salads, cool air could finally be felt flowing from the overhead air vents. The service guys had fixed the undefined plus most importantly saved our birthday celebration.