I wish Heating & Air Conditioning cleaning and sanitization was included in our service contract

There have been many instances in our life where I was either confused or outright misled when it came to a giant purchase.

My first ever HD LCD cable is a perfect example of this principle.

Walking into an electronics store with currency in hand and no pre-existing research was our first mistake. I overpaid nearly $100 for a TV that was no better than 1s offered at Walmart for much cheaper. I was even swindled into buying this special HDMI cable for a whopping $50, something our school roommate at the time would not let me live down. As discouraging as the experience naturally was, it was educational and instructive to me with being more careful with our billfold before snagging something on impulse. I was concerned that I might be making the wrong decision when offered a yearly service contract from our heating and cooling corporation. Since it was close to $200, I wondered if it was legitimately worth it, although I took the plunge regardless. I’m glad that I had the courage to make the purchase. All of our filters are covered, & familiar service and tune-ups throughout the year. If I’m ever low on coolant, that is covered too. Best of all, the supplier offers total HVAC duct and air handler cleaning once a year with the contract I ultimately chose. Having the faith of knowing that our air program would stay wash and protected was strenuous to put a price on, and I am so grateful that I made the decision to buy it. I know the filter swings alone make the price worthwhile.

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