Space heater is dangerous for Grandma

We’re hoping this helps her stay in her own home for a little bit longer

Grandma almost started a fire when she left her newspaper on top of her space heater. She’s getting older now and her memory is suffering for it. She just seems to be getting more and more forgetful. We wanted to put her in an old folks home but she won’t hear it. Grandma wants to remain independent as long as she can so we have a nurse come and check on her everyday. We also call her as often as possible and make sure she’s okay. She doesn’t drive anymore and we’ve turned off the stove but we started to worry about the space heater incident. She needed a way to stay warm but we didn’t want her starting any fires. That’s why we decided to have a central heater installed in Grandma’s home for her. A central forced air heater is a lot safer because it’s much less likely to start a fire. Even if Grandma leaves newspapers on every vent in the house, it won’t catch on fire. Additionally, we had a smart thermostat hooked up to the central heater so that we can see what temperature her house is remotely. That way we know if she’s nice and warm or not. We’re hoping this helps her stay in her own home for a little bit longer. Personally, I thought that grandma would be really confused with the smart thermostat but she seems to be getting it pretty quickly. Maybe her brain is still there after all. I just hope someone takes good care of me when I’m her age too.

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