Tree roots are getting into HVAC duct

The washroom is the coldest room in the apartment when the air conditioner is on. This is exceptionally uncomfortable when you are getting out of the shower plus have to step into a chilly frosty washroom. For the rest of the house, the temperature varies. Some rooms are warmer than others. We’ve been mostly ignoring this issue however recently, the air conditioner has stopped preaching our living room entirely. That’s when both of us decided to call up an Heating plus Air Conditioning business, but heating plus Air Conditioning business looked over our heating plus cooling plan Then they went under the apartment plus maintained over our HVAC duct. That’s what they found the root of our problem, no pun intended. Apparently tree roots were getting into our HVAC duct. These roots were blocking the airflow to parts of the house. The washroom is the first stop for the HVAC duct so all of the frosty air is getting diverted into the washroom instead of being spread out throughout the house; Our living room was completely blocked off with roots. The duct labor had to be disassembled plus cleaned out. Once they did this, our whole apartment was cooling much more evenly again. The washroom is not chilly frosty anymore plus our living room is getting air conditioner. Now we are thinking about having the tree unattachd entirely. I do not want it attacking our HVAC duct again. It might be damaging our plumbing as well. The Heating plus Air Conditioning business said they thought it might be however then they are not plumbers. That’s a single more expense if it is. I know it’s better just to have the tree unattachd now before it destroys the whole house.



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