Saving money by using zone control

Zone controls are just one way you can optimize the HVAC system in a new or existing home. A zone control is different from a thermostat. While thermostats are a necessity for any central heating and air conditioning system, zone controls simply work to provide further assistance. Zones in a central air system mean any part of the house which is controlled by an additional thermostat. Each zone has a thermostat, humidistat, or sometimes both, which can raise or lower the temperature and or humidity for just that area. An older two story home many only have two zones–one for each floor of the house. If that home has a new addition that was added later on, such as a converted three-seasons porch or a finished basement, this area would have another zone, bumping the number of zones up to three. The more zones a house has, the more efficiently you can control the temperature of the home. If you had a separate zone for say a nursery, you could keep that room warmer as per the baby’s needs, without having to turn up the heat on the entire floor. This means parents and their kids can both sleep comfortably, without anyone being too hot or too cold. This also saves money, as now you’re keeping only one room warmer, rather than trying to keep the whole floor at that temperature. Zone controls can be added anywhere in your home, and can be used even if you just have central heating. Whether you’re only updating an existing home or building your dream house, HVAC zone control is a great addition that adds incredible convenience and saves you money.

zone control