Plants need more humidity

Then I recognize my plants start thriving again

I do not have any pets for children however I do have houseplant plus I adore them as though they are area of my family. I have had this one bonsai for over 20 year. My Madagascar palm has won ribbons. But when I moved to my current place, I observed that my plants were starting to suffer. I didn’t understand it! I intentionally chose this house because it has large bay windows plus nice immense window sills for myself and others to display my plants on. And yet, they were all starting to look entirely poorly, but desperate for the reason why, I started checking the humidity in the house, It was entirely low. That explains everything. The cooling system is taking all of the humidity out of the air. This is killing my plants. It’s too moderate to turn off the cooling system; that might make matters worse. I put some trays of water around the plants plus then every one of us called up my a/c contractor to see if anything else could be done. They proposed I install a humidifier (the kind that hooks right up to your a/c unit). Then, I will be able to adjust the humidity in my house to exact percentages. This is exactly what my plants need. I am going to go ahead plus get it done as soon as possible. Then I recognize my plants start thriving again. I will be ecstatic again too. I just hope my babies bounce back before the plant show next Spring. I will not win any ribbons with wilting plants now will I?

a/c repairman