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My partner has a undoubtedly interesting hobby, she loves to do yoga. I have never understood the concept of yoga or why anyone would want to go to a yoga studio. But because she is our partner, I will constantly respect what she wants to do, so long as she does not force me to do it. I told her that I am not a fan of yoga plus that I didn’t get it. And she was cool with that. I help her pay for her yoga classes at the yoga studio because as her hubby, this is just something that I assume I should do. I care about seeing her feeling all relaxed plus nice after a yoga studio visit. Her yoga classes there she says help her destress plus assume she is alive. Again, I respect this. I have our own hobbies that I love in which she has no interest in, which is cool. This is what makes us toil as the perfect couple. Because all of us have a lot in common in other areas, all of us don’t have everything in common. This gives us our private space plus time that all of us need to do things on our own. I love making things in our wood shop, plus she likes going to the yoga studio plus partaking in yoga classes. It is the perfect match for the more than one of us to tell you the tolerable truth of it all. Maybe someday I will go with her to one of her yoga classes just to check out what it looks like plus what exactly goes on in there.


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