Good stress relief

A lot of our friends that have known me for years joke around plus call me a big tough woman.

The reason for this is because I love to do a lot of weight lifting.

I go to the local gym plus have a undoubtedly nice gym membership to do this. I do care about weight lifting as it keeps our muscles in shape plus it is also a undoubtedly superb stress relief at the same time after a long hard afternoon. I visit the gym to do our tough woman weight lifting once every other afternoon after work. Periodically on the weekends if I assume up to it or assume the need I will go to the gym in the early afternoon to do some weight lifting to start our afternoon. Weight lifting was something I got into when I was 18 years old. It started because of being in the middle school gym plus them having an absolutely superb weight lifting set up. I have to admit, I began messing around with it back then as sort of a joke to make fun of tough women plus make our friends laugh. But then, while I was mocking those so-called tough women doing the weight lifting, I found that I was starting to understand what they saw in it plus why they absolutely do it! I could not stop. I was totally hooked. It made me assume good plus love I mentioned earlier, it was a lovely stress relief for me after a undoubtedly long plus hard afternoon.
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