The morning training class is way better

I am a member at the health and fitness center in the city.

  • I take a group fitness class there.

This particular class is offered in more than one session, at different times of day. There is a morning class at 6 AM and an evening class at 7 PM. The fitness trainer for the morning class is fantastic. She is enthusiastic, energetic and constantly introduces a new theme for the session. Some classes are all about jumping rope and attempting different tricks with the ropes. Sometimes the class is entirely balanced oriented. One class, we did a kickboxing style of workout holding hand weights the entire time. The class is always demanding yet enjoyable. The problem is that I do not like getting up so early. I then need to shower afterward to get ready for work at the gym. That is always kind of aggravating. There are mornings I can’t get myself to get up early enough to make class. I then just get ready at home and go to work without working out. I then make myself do the fitness class at the end of the day. That is super frustrating. It makes my day so much longer and more tiring. I don’t get dinner until almost eight. The personal trainer for that session is not awful, but I don’t enjoy her as well as the morning trainer. This instructor is more about yoga and relaxation methods. We practice a lot of breathing in and out. Stretching is a huge component of her class. While there are rewards to yoga and I like getting a deep stretch in, I find it boring. I don’t feel as if I get our money’s worth and always think I should do another workout afterward.



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