Yoga isn’t a strenuous work out for me

My wife Angela is very into yoga.

She is not an athlete in any way.

She is more of an academic. Because she realizes she needs to do some form of physical activity, she has gotten interested in yoga. Once in a while, she convinces me to attend her yoga class. When I agree to go, it is strictly to do something different. Her yoga class includes a lot of different methods of stretching that I never do on my own. Some of the leg, arm and whole body poses can be rather strenuous. It is just not my usual type of work out though. I enjoy going for really lengthy runs, bike rides or doing some type of aerobic workout. To me, working out requires sweating profusely and getting my heart rate elevated. I am satisfied with my level of intensity when I start dry heaving. Angela sees working out as a means of clearing her mind and a way to improve flexibility. I have learned that yoga can help with some of the other workouts I do. Stretching prior to and following a run is especially important to stop muscles from tightening up. I should be doing splits and straddles prior to any aerobic workout. Stretching out my back, neck and hips before riding my bike is helpful. For me, I work out to get in good physical shape, not to relax. When I take my wife’s yoga class, I struggle to keep focused. There are times that Angela starts poking at me because I fell asleep in the yoga pose. That is a little embarrassing. I wouldn’t think a good workout would ever have me fall asleep during it.

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